What should I do after I have rebooked my flight with Freebird?

At this point in time, you will have two valid tickets -- your original ticket and the new ticket we've purchased for you. 

Get to your new gate: You must check in to your flight, obtain a boarding pass, and physically arrive at your gate in time to board.

Arrange for your bags: Airlines are legally restricted from transporting unaccompanied luggage on passenger flights. If you have a checked bag, we recommend you speak to a representative from your original airline regarding how to transport the bag to your destination after rebooking via Freebird.

Pay airline fees not included in published fares (if applicable): Airlines may charge fees above and beyond what is in their published fares (e.g., baggage fees, ticket printing fees). Travelers are responsible for paying any such fees administered by airlines.

Confirm return flight (if applicable): Airlines may cancel the return leg of a round-trip flight if the traveler does not use the outbound leg. If you have a round-trip flight and your outbound leg is disrupted, we recommend you speak to a representative of your original airline after rebooking via Freebird.  Over time, we hope to work with airlines to make these processes more efficient and serve travelers more effectively.

Seek a refund (optional): You may choose to contact your original airline to seek a refund for the flight you do not use.

Add your frequent flier number: If you have a frequent flier number, you may want to provide it to the new airline — a last-minute, one-way ticket can earn you lots of miles!

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